Tuition For Computer Science

Tuition For Computer Science

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Graduate Degrees in Computer Science: Program Options

Students who take pleasure in computer technology and computer programming can give their careers a boost by exploring graduate degree programs in computer science. These degrees will give students that additional edge to compete for profitable positions in the computer science field.

Essential Information for Tuition

Graduate programs in computer science are first and foremost master's degrees and cover mathematical theories in likelihood and difficulty, computer systems architecture, applications and algorithms. Students plan their set of courses alongside advisers, who also help students select areas of specialization. Most programs take about two years to complete and need completion of roughly 30-45 credits. Entry into a graduate program usually requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or a connected field. Online programs or a hybrid mixture with on-campus courses are available.

Program graduates may find progressing education and certification facilities through organizations such as Oracle.

Tuition for Master’s Degrees in Computer Science

Students enrolled in this graduate program lengthily study aspects of computing that have collision on the industry and civilization. Courses are designed to enhance students' problem solving and logic skills so that they may get better the current technology and address issues such as cyber security. In addition, since most program enrollees are working professionals, these degree programs may be obtainable completely or partially online. Common core coursework can include:

  • Computational applied logic
  • Algorithms
  • Operating systems
  • Software engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Database and network systems

Former students with a master's degree in computer science can decide to carry on their higher education by enrolling in a doctoral degree program in a related field. Continuing education facilities can also include classes and certificate programs often offered through a college or university or some of the main companies in the computer industry, like Oracle, Sun, and Microsoft.