About Us

About Us

The true purpose of Techno Tutorials is to realize the ‘Self’ which will allow us to set free the power within us for the betterment of everyone and everything in the Universe.

Techno tutorials in Delhi envision a new generation of students dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in front line areas of basic science and other fields. In an intellectually vibrant education environment, tutorials nurture the basic system of belief of education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In so doing, our aim is to appear as a global center of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research.


To give to the India and the world through radiance in scientific and technical education and research, to hand out as a precious resource for industry and society and stay put a source of pride for all Indians.


To produce new knowledge by attractive in cutting-edge research and to promote tutorial growth by contribution state-of- the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

To identify, based on a knowledgeable perception of Indian, local and global needs, areas of occupation upon which the tutorials can concentrate.

To undertake combined projects which offer facilities for long-term communication with
academia and industry

To expand human potential to its fullest extent so that rationally capable and creatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions.


  • Educational integrity and answerability.
  • Respect and broad-mindedness for the views of every individual.
  • Concentration to issues of national significance as well as of global concern.
  • Breadth of understanding, including knowledge of the human sciences.
  • Appreciation of scholar excellence and creativity.
  • An imaginative spirit of exploration, consistency, and enterprise.
  • Deliver Motivational Lectures for children, youth, and adults to get up them too much higher equipment in life so they don’t waste time in watching television, getting into petty fights and so on.
  • We strongly believe that there is an enormous amount of strong energy in each and every one of us and our goal is to wake up that inner strength to help them accomplish their true purpose of education.
  • Work towards reinstatement and conservation of “traditions and culture” as defined in the antique scriptures.

Stand point of Techno Tutorials

The Techno Tutorials believe that education if properly planned and organized can serve as an effectual stimulus for developing a democratic social order based on the principles of social justice, freedom, and dignity of the individual.

From this standpoint, it has been building up incorporated programs of research, teaching, testing, addition, and publication. It shall continue to concentrate on devising and promoting many-sided nonformal education for all, including health education, as the foundation for sustainable growth, with comprehensive growth. While searching for exchange strategies and models for a variety of levels and types of learning outside the formal system, the Institute attempts to identify and use non-professional teaching possessions, device non-traditional techniques, and resources, and emphasize learning more than teaching. It shall also carry on to evolve way for reforming the formal education system so as to cause to be it supple and truly receptive to the requirements of the deprived sections of society, thus bringing about the educational and social alteration.